Top 8 Champions With The Most Powerful Solo Abilities In League Of Legends

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  • Top Solo Champions – There are many League of Legends champions given to by the skill set as well as the ability to solo very strongly right from level 1.

    Although League of Legends is a team game and highly tactical but players with skills or champions with strong solo abilities are still the top concerns from players.

    It is also because to please the fans, there are many League of Legends champions given the skill set as well as the ability to solo very strongly right from level 1. So today let us see understand the top 8 champions with the ability to solo at the strongest level 1 League of Legends

    Top Solo Champions

    1. Darius

    Topping the list is none other than Darius, the Hand of Noxus, a name that is no stranger to players, especially the toplane. No need to talk too much about the power of Darius, when he is almost one of the strongest champions in solo duels at all times in the game, not just the beginning of the game.

    2. Jax

    Right from level 1, Darius with Hemorrhage and Decimate have proved too superior with the ability to heal yourself as well as cause great damage to the opponent. With 5 stacks of Hemorrhage, you will Hemorrhage no different from being burned by him with great damage and if you continue to solo with this champion

    3. Fiora

    With a amount of attack speed along with his damage, Jax will not be afraid of any solo and even confidently fight with the names on this list without too many difficulties.

    Demacia’s strongest swordsman and the one who defeated her father to prove it, Fiora is a female swordsman possessing cold and dangerous skill set but also very elegant as the description of her. Passive of this female Swordsman is very strong at the first level thanks to her ability to hit weaknesses and deal more damage to opponents.

    4. Mordekaiser

    But Fiora is not exactly unrivaled, in some cases, you can somewhat reduce her strength by standing by the walls to cover your weak spots. However, if you accomplish this, your chances of winning will only increase slightly.

    One of Riot’s extremely successful reworked champions and currently holding the top position in the top lane is Mordekaiser. This is one of the few reworked champions that can withstand up to now, while all other champions like Irelia, Aatrox or Akali have retreated after the nerf.

    In terms of solo ability, Mordekaiser has never let us down with our passive as well as Q skill. He can easily do this and deal large amounts of magic damage in the case of solo 1 v 1 in the early stages.

    5. Udyr

    Not only that with a skill along with 2 normal attacks, this Mordekaiser immediately activated the passive which both deal damage over time and can increase the movement speed. Along with Conquerors, Mordekaiser can also continuously deal additional damage and heal thanks to passive.

    Despite being unpopular and using too much, no one should underestimate the power of Udyr in solo 1 vs 1. Possessing a large amount of health, great damage, high attack speed, Udyr is considered a monster in the early game thanks to his martial arts.

    Usually at the beginning of the match, the player often use Q skill to fight enemies. The amount of damage that can be done on the 3rd attack in 2 seconds is really something that cannot be underestimated. Not only that, the amount of attack speed from Q also helps Udyr to appear superior to opponents in normal combat.

    Despite being a jungle champion, perhaps the top laner will never forget the powerless solo times if had the opportunity to encounter this champion right from level 1 in the top lane. A champion that can easily activate his passive extremely powerful with each percentage of health lost, Olaf can increase up to 99% attack speed and become a crazy.

    7. Draven

    Not only that, with W, Olaf will become a god who can heal and increase his attack speed, making the amount of damage you cause him meaningless. With his innate stamina, his ability to recover his health and attack speed, as well as conqueror, Olaf can solo with all the above lanes if he wants and deserves to be the strongest solo champion in League of Legends.

    As Darius’s younger brother, Draven also possesses a brutal personality and a large amount of strength at the beginning of the match. With his Q skill, Draven can easily inflict tremendous damage to the enemy if supported by a teammate.

    The assassin of the jungle and the fear of all the junglers at the beginning of the game if confronted with Kha’zix. A jungle champion with a possess a large amount of damage, what makes him special in the god of jungle in the first level is his passive.

    With 100% bonus damage, Kha’zix can easily take down enemies with just Q. Kha’zix can cause the enemy to lose more than half of their health after only one basic Q combo of their first level.

    9. Yasuo

    Although a champion that everyone is afraid of in the early stages of the game, the latter became quite imprisoned because he could not activate his passive, unlike the names above kept form throughout the game.


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