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Xem Nhiều 5/2023 # Guide To Writing Job Descriptions # Top 13 Trend

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Administrative Action Verbs Push Along Verbs Stop Verbs Helper Verbs Get & Give Verbs Creative Verbs Appraise/Study Verbs Control Verbs ADMINISTRATIVE ACTION VERBS Offer an informed opinion or give specialized information to others. adapt Modify or change to fit specific or new situations. administer Manage or direct. (Generally requires some additional explanation to show specific detail.) See manage. appoint To set officially, arrange. approve Exercise final and decisive authority, causing action to use money, manpower, materials, or equipment. arrange To make preparations for, to plan. authorize Approve or commit an act implying subsequent action by others. consult control Direct, regulate, or guide the use of money, methods, equipment, and materials. Also, the process of monitoring activities to ensure conformance with planned results. coordinate   Regulate, adjust or direct the related actions of others in order to attain desired results. decide To select a course of action. delegate Entrust to another person tasks or duties which require exercise of some of the authority of the person originally responsible, as “To delegate an administrative assistant to represent the department at conferences.” determine To fix conclusively, regulate. To decide by choice of alternatives. direct Govern or control work operations by establishing the implementing objectives, practices and methods. enforce To effect or gain by force. To carry out effectively. establish To institute permanently by enactment or agreement. execute Put into effect or carry out methods, plans, etc. initiate Set going or introduce. manage Plan, organize, direct, control, and evaluate operation of an organizational unit, with responsibility for the output. order Arrange or command to come to a specified place or decision. organize To set up an administrative structure for. To arrange by systematic planning and united effort. plan To design or plot a scheme or project by means or method devised for doing something to achieve an end. reject To refuse to accept, consider or submit to. require To ask for by right and authority, request. review Consider or examine facts or results for accuracy, completeness and suitability. supervise Personally oversee or control work performance and conduct of others, where there is opportunity for control or inspection of work performed. train Teach, demonstrate, or guide others in the performance of assigned work. back to top PUSH ALONG VERBS activate Set up or formally introduce with necessary personnel or equipment. encourage Give help, inspire or pay patronage to. expediate Accelerate the process or progress of a plan, idea. further implement Carry out or fulfill by taking action. maintain Keep in satisfactory condition. motivate Provide incentive or drive. back to top STOP VERBS check To proof or review for errors. delete Eliminate or wipe out. prevent Keep from happening or holding back. return Go back in thought or action. Give an official account to a superior. stop Keep from carrying out a proposed action. back to top HELPER VERBS Offer an informed opinion or give specialized information to others. aid Provide with what is useful or necessary for achieving an end. cooperate Act jointly with others. Act or work with others to obtain a mutual benefit. counsel Advise or consult. explain Make plain or understandable. guide Direct, supervise, influence or superintend the training of people. instruct Teach, demonstrate, or by other methods impart knowledge to others. Direct that a specific activity be performed, may include directing how it is to be performed. participate   To take part or have a share in a project, group. protect Maintain status or integrity of project, idea. serve Comply with the commands and demands of a boss, group. show Propose or mention an idea as workable or desirable. suggest ? back to top GET & GIVE VERBS accept Give admittance or approval to. accumulate Increase gradually in quantity or number. acquire Come into possession or control of an item or items. arrange for To make preparations for, to plan. buy Acquire possession, ownership or rights to the use of services, items. collect Gather or exact information or materials from a number of persons or sources. compile Put together information or assemble data in a new form. deliver Send or bring a desired object. distribute Deliver or hand out to several or many. exchange Give and receive reciprocally. forward Send goods or information onward. furnish Provide or equip with what is needed. gather Bring together or collect parts of a group. get Obtain or receive. give Grant or yield to another. inform Communicate knowledge to others. inquire Ask or search into. issue Make available through distribution. keep Preserve or maintain in a good and orderly condition. mail To send by the postal service. notify Give notice or a report on an occurrence or information. obtain Gain or possess. pick up ? procure Get possession or obtain by particular care and effort. provide To supply support to meet a need, make available. pull purchase Gain or acquire by labor, money. recall Call back or cancel. receive Come into possession of or acquire an item, idea. recruit Increase numbers of a group or bring in new members. render Deliver or hand down. report Give an account or make a written summary or statement. secure Put beyond hazard or receive lasting control. sell Give up property in exchange for money. send Deliver or dispatch as means of communication or delivery. solicit To make a petition or request for services, money. submit Yield or surrender to authority. supply Make materials available for use. take Get or seize into possession. transfer Pass over from one person to another. withdraw Back away or remove. back to top CREATIVE VERBS create Produce through imaginative skill. design Create or fashion a plan or idea. develop Disclose, discover, perfect, or unfold a plan or idea, in detail, gradually. Implies study and/or experiment unless otherwise stated. When used as “to develop subordinates”, see train. devise Form in the mind by combinations of ideas, new applications of principles, or new arrangement of parts. establish To institute permanently by enactment or agreement. estimate Forecast future quantities, values, sizes, extents, etc., either on the basis of judgment or calculations. Frequently, estimating is shared with others, in which case it is more precise to use “estimate” as a noun, and to state the job’s function in relation thereto, i.e., originates, analyzes, endorses, approves, etc., estimates of… forecast Predict future events based on specified assumptions. formulate   Put into a systemized expression or statement. iniyiate Set going or introduce. install To set up for use. originate Begin or initiate. plan To design or plot a scheme or project by means or method devised for doing something to achieve an end. project Plan, figure, or estimate for the future. schedule Appoint a fixed time. back to top APPRAISE/STUDY VERBS analyze Identify the elements of a whole and critically examine and relate these component parts separately and/or in relation to the whole. appraise Judge as to quality; compare critically with established standards. ascertain Find out or learn with certainty. check To proof or review for errors. compare To examine characteristics to discover similarities or differences. consider To observe or think about with regard to taking some action. criticize To evaluate and judge merits or faults. develop Disclose, discover, perfect, or unfold a plan or idea, in detail, gradually. Implies study and/or experiment unless otherwise stated. When used as “to develop subordinates”, see train. evaluate Appraise, to determine value, condition, significance or worth. examine Investigate in order to determine progress, fitness or knowledge. forecast Predict future events based on specified assumptions. identify The act of proving identity. inspect Examine materials, equipment, reports, work, etc., to determine quality, suitability for use, etc. interpret Explain to others (orally or in writing) the meaning or significance of something. interview Obtain information through questioning. investigate   Uncover facts by systematically finding them, conducting a search, and examining various sources. measure Control or regulate by a standard or in measured amounts. plan To design or plot a scheme or project by means or method devised for doing something to achieve an end. rate Estimate or determine the relative value, rank, or amount of an item. research Specific inquiry involving prolonged and critical investigation, having for its aim the study of new facts and their interpretation, the revision of accepted conclusions or theories that may be affected by newly discovered factors, or the practical application of such new or revised conclusions. Example: Technical research to develop new products for the company. resolve Deal with a problem, dilemma successfully. review Consider or examine facts or results for accuracy, completeness and suitability. solve Find a solution, answer, or explanation for a question or problem. study Apply thought to any subject of investigation in order to arrive at the most suitable conclusion. summarize To tell and reduce a story, idea. survey Examine a condition, situation or value. test Assign a value or evaluate an item by a given test. weigh Merit consideration as to importance. back to top CONTROL VERBS allocate Assign or apportion for a specific purpose or to a particular person. audit Perform a formal examination into a company’s formal accounts. check To proof or review for errors. conserve Slow or block the progress of something control Direct, regulate, or guide the use of money, methods, equipment, and materials. Also, the process of monitoring activities to ensure conformance with planned results. edit Alter, adapt or refine a written text, concept, or idea. enforce To effect or gain by force. To carry out effectively. ensure Make sure, certain, or safe. guarantee   Undertake to answer for debt and default or promise security. inspect Examine materials, equipment, reports, work, etc., to determine quality, suitability for use, etc. regulate Fix or adjust the time, amount, degree, or rate. restrict Place under restriction as to use or distribution. review Consider or examine facts or results for accuracy, completeness and suitability. verify Confirm or substantiate by oath, law, or other documentation. back to top

How To Write Job Descriptions For Your Resume

Job descriptions show prospective employers what you have accomplished in the positions you’ve held. They also provide a synopsis of your experience and skills.

Well-written descriptions for each job you have held will help get your resume noticed and selected for interviews. What’s the best way to write attention-grabbing job descriptions?

Before you start adding job descriptions to your resume, you may want to make a list of accomplishments at each of your jobs. This will prepare you for writing your resume.

Focus on Skills and Achievements

After you have written a job description, look for ways to make your explanation more concise. Make an effort to create effective impact statements. Highlight skills and achievements, providing only enough detail to support your premises. Try to edit out pronouns and articles. Begin phrases or sentences with verbs. Choose strong words- resume action words like “initiated” and “supervised” are powerful and show that you’ve made an impact on your team.

If you will be submitting resumes to organizations that scan them into searchable computer databases, include as many industry and job-specific ” keywords” as possible. When searching databases for potential candidates, employers seek resumes with the greatest number of “hits” on keywords.

Keywords are most often nouns, e.g. “customer service” or “computer skills.” To use keywords most effectively, be specific, use as many as possible, and sprinkle them throughout your resume.

Be Selective About What You Include

Your resume isn’t your entire work history, and you don’t need to include every duty for each role. Determine the most relevant information by putting yourself in your potential employer’s position: Will this information help convince the employer that you are a worthwhile candidate to interview?

You do not have to include every responsibility you ever had. Group together similar tasks. For instance, rather than listing “Answered phones” and “Responded to customer emails” in two bullet points, you can combine and say, “Resolved customer issues through phone, email, and chat conversations.”

Prioritize Job Description Information

Next, think about prioritizing the information you provide in each description. Present details that are of the greatest interest to potential employers first. For example, consider the candidate seeking a job in interior design.

The resume might reflect a retail experience in which 75% of the candidate’s time was spent on the sales floor, and 25% was spent designing window and floor displays. Priority, determined by relevance to the employer, dictates that design of window and floor displays should be listed before sales.

Sales Associate

Bottom line: Highlight your most relevant qualifications for the job by listing them first in the job description.

Quantify Your Accomplishments

Nearly any description, for any job, can be enhanced through the use of numbers. A waitress might start out with the description “Took customer orders and delivered food.” But a quantified description saying, “Served customers in an upscale 100-seat restaurant,” provides much more insight.


Bottom line: Employers like numbers. It’s much easier to look at signs and symbols than it is to read words.

Emphasize Accomplishments Over Responsibilities

It’s important for employees to know you have the necessary experience to do the work required in the position. Still, many candidates will have this relevant experience. To stand out, emphasize how you added value. Focus on accomplishments, rather than responsibilities.

As seen above, numbers can be your friend when it comes to highlighting your accomplishments in your resume. As well, provide context. For instance, you might say, “Increased revenue by 5%, after several years of decreasing sales.” Or, rather than saying “Answered phone calls and dealt with customer concerns,” you can say, “Resolved customer concerns, answering approximately 10 calls per hour. Became go-to person on the team for dealing with the toughest phone calls and most challenging complaints.”

While it is important to keep descriptions short, adding details and context can help show employers why you’d be a good match for the position.

Customer Service

Bottom line: Employers want to know what you accomplished. Make it easy for them to see what you’ve done by using numbers and percentages.

Make Your Jobs Sound Better

There are easy ways to jazz up your resume job descriptions to make your jobs sound super impressive. A few simple tweaks here and there can make your resume much better.

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Construction Supervisor Job Description Template

A construction supervisor will be involved in the supervision of contractors and other staff in the field and will oversee the construction activities that occur on the worksite. He or she will plan, oversee, and implement construction efforts at work sites and report to the construction manager.

Responsibilities and Duties

Supervise sub-contractors by selecting and evaluating them as well as monitoring and controlling their performance

Travel to and supervise multiple sites during the course of a day

Accomplish project goals by defining scope and purpose of the project, determining required resources, allocating resources, establishing protocols and standards, scheduling staff, resolving design problems, evaluating deadline estimates and adjusting as needed, and implementing change orders

Fulfill human resource needs by hiring, training, scheduling, assigning, coaching, and disciplining employees; adhering to procedures and policies; recommending compensation; and communicating job expectations

Meet construction budget by providing capital budget and annual operating information, identifying variances, and monitoring project expenses

Approve projects by gaining approvals from buyers and performing inspections at critical phases

Meet operational standards by resolving problems, contributing information to strategic plans, and identifying improvements

Maintain healthy and safe work environment by enforcing procedures and standards and complying with legal regulations

Prevent interruptions and fines by enforcing and fulfilling codes

Qualifications and Skills of Construction Supervisor

High school diploma or GED required

Bachelor degree preferred (in business, construction management, or engineering)

Minimum of five years in the construction industry, with some leadership experience

Strong leadership skills

Excellent organization and planning skills to prioritize and balance work

Ability to lead others in the completion of a schedule, budget guidelines, and customer requirements

Great verbal and written communication skills

Valid driver’s license

Computer proficient, with experience in MS Excel, Project, and Word

Company Profile

C & R Enterprises is located in Palo Alto, CA and has been around for 30 years. We offer a work environment that fosters the growth, development, and individual personalities of our employees. We value innovation, honest communication, adaptability, and customer and teammate loyalty. We believe in rewarding hard work, and our benefit package and financial incentives are outstanding. Our goal is to double our business in the next ten years and we need high quality talent to help us succeed.

Best Practices of Writing a Job Description

Be specific when listing both job duties and qualifications. This will help you weed out candidates who are not qualified or who are not interested in what the position requires.

Use bullet points in the responsibilities and qualifications sections to help make it clear and easy to read.

Although applicants should do their own research about the company, this is your chance to describe the culture of your organization. Give it a personality and highlight benefits and perks that may attract high quality candidates.

Make sure to make it clear how to submit an application so that it is easy for job searchers to do so. Include a mail address, email address, or online form as well as the name of the hiring manager.

Check with your company policy before posting salary information. This may also be a better conversation in person during an interview.

Résumé Hack: Use A Word Cloud To Find The Most Important Keywords In A Job Description

Applying for jobs can be a truly miserable experience. Sending out endless résumés, filling out those janky online applications, and creating cover letters can really wear a person down. So, any suggestions that make that process easier are always welcome.

If you suspect your application to be read by an applicant tracking system, you can hide invisible keywords in your résumé to make sure it makes it past the bots and into human hands. But what’s a fast way to know what those keywords are?

To create successful and relevant cover letter, you need to hone in on those keywords job recruiters and programs are looking for. While you can scan through job descriptions and try counting words of emphasis, there is no better or faster way to view those emphasized keywords than a good ol’ word cloud.

Word Clouds Are So Money

Word clouds (or tag clouds) were created for the sole purpose of quickly identifying the most important terms and words of a webpage, posting, or article. Having a visual representation of the text makes the process of finding keywords super easy. So you can turn an intimidating job description into a cover letter friendly word cloud.

Now you can easily see the points of emphasis and gear your following cover letter to address those points. This become super helpful when applying to multiple jobs or jobs with detailed descriptions.

Word Cloud Generators

There are more than a couple online that you can use, but the ones are below are the word cloud generators I always turn to.


If you’re a Google Chrome user like myself, you may have some trouble with one of the most popular word cloud generators, Wordle. It requires some Java permissions and was a no-go on Chrome, but it should work great on Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

All you need to do is copy/paste the job description into the text box and hit GO. You can adjust the formatting including colors, font, and orientation once your cloud is created.


If something works, then I don’t really care what it looks like. ABCya! is a word cloud generator that works perfectly in Chrome. While the site is designed for children, it works just the same for adults. Like Wordle, copy/paste the desired text in the empty box and hit the GO arrow.

You can adjust the formatting including colors, font, and orientation once your cloud is created.

Other Word Cloud Generators

You can also check out Worditout, TagCrowd, and Tagul, though that last one requires a signup. Use any others? Let us know what they are, and if anyone knows of a browser extension that makes this even easier, let us know. The faster this process is, the better it gets.

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