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Cập nhật thông tin chi tiết về Best Clash Team Comps And Counters Recommended By A Lol Coach mới nhất ngày 16/05/2022 trên website Trucbachconcert.com. Hy vọng nội dung bài viết sẽ đáp ứng được nhu cầu của bạn, chúng tôi sẽ thường xuyên cập nhật mới nội dung để bạn nhận được thông tin nhanh chóng và chính xác nhất. Cho đến thời điểm hiện tại, bài viết này đã đạt được 56,133 lượt xem.

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    Hey all! To help ppare you and your teammates for Clash, we’re recommending team comps dominate your bracket. The team comps have varying playstyles so you can find the best fit for your squad. The recommendations are made by our expert, Flaress, who currently coaches at the collegiate level and has been coaching/competing for nearly 4 years. For each team comp, we’ll have a set of five ideal champions along with alternatives in case some of the champs get banned or picked by the enemy team.

    New Comps (added Patch 10.9)

    It’s your Jungle expert Flaress back yet again and it’s been far too long since our last Clash Comps rundown. The meta has definitely shifted over the last couple of months so we’ve got some new comps for you and your Clash-mates.

    Before I start you should keep in mind a few things:

    • If any of these picks got picked or banned away from you, consider picking up our recommended alternative picks that should round out the comp similar to what was taken away.
    • The draft doesn’t usually go the same way every time and especially doesn’t compare to what you’d see in LCK, LPL, LEC, or LCS. So taking things earlier or later really depends on who you’re facing and can be decided on during your scouting phase.

    1. Teamfighting with strong solo laners

    Starting off, we have a well-rounded teamfight comp that utilizes the strength of the solo laners early and falls back onto a strong scaling ADC as a contingency plan.

    Can you just picture a fed Aatrox getting reset after reset with a Black Shield and a Yummi attached to him?

    And surely you remember the ease of execution of the Taliyah + Pantheon combo that was popularized not too long ago.

    Well, if you take that one step further you got Morgana Jungle subbing in for Tal.

    Morg’s definitely going to throw a wrench in your opponent’s draft strategies as she can be flexed mid and support and if you’re unsure of how to play her in the Jungle, I conveniently made a video covering it not too long ago *cough * cough*.

    Look to use the priority and kill pssure from the mid + jungle duo to impact and snowball your top and bot lanes.

    Morg can negate CC from her Black Shield and enable the team to go HAM.

    Ezreal and Yummi have a safe, yet strong laning phase that ascends past God Tier of brokeness.

    Overall, your win condition is to play around your mid & top side early while your bot lane looks to play it cool and scale.

    It’s alright to forfeit the first Dragon if it means you secure Rift Herald for your mid or topside for platings.

    How to Counter

    Olaf will just run Morgana over like a bug on the side of the highway thanks to his R.

    Anivia will never let Pantheon get on top of her once she’s 6.

    Finally, Kalista + Blitz combo punishes the Yummi/Ezreal combo much harder than other bot lane duos thanks to their gap closing and lockdown.

    2. Lockdown + Scaling

    Next up is an amazing scaling + lockdown comp that remains strong in the early and mid-game.

    A minus ten movement speed nerf isn’t gonna put the nail in the coffin with Karthus Jungle. Your clear is still going to be exceptional and when you have the likes of Lissandra and Maokai to root your targets for free Q’s, it’s night time for your enemies.

    Lissandra recently got a nice buff to her waveclear which will help her have more favorable roam timers and priority in lane to assist Karthus for scuttles and neutral objectives.

    In the bot lane, you have fasting Senna paired with Maokai who is a great counter to the many melee champions in the game at the moment.

    Lastly, does Garen really need an explanation? Press Q, Spin-to-win, yell DEMACIA, make the enemy top laner rage in all chat. EZPZ.

    Your win condition revolves around not allow your Karthus to be invaded with this comp.

    You’ve got a great lockdown from your Maokai and Lissandra for your Karthus and Senna to dish out plenty of damage while also having good tankiness from Garen and Maokai.

    Just play safe, scale, and fight on item spikes or when Karthus Ult is available.

    So ptty much if you don’t hiccup in the early game and go even at 15min you’ve won.

    How to Counter

    AP Shyvana clears brilliantly and has burst to boot thanks to her slinging Fireballs that’ll 1-2 shot Karthus – she also provides better Dragon pssure.

    Kassadin will look to take the free passive lane and scale to level 16 easier thanks to the noninteractive matchup.

    Finally for bot lane, Yasuo/Taric will look to punish the low mobility of Senna/Maokai to get uncomfortably close for easy kills.

    3. Front-to-back Teamfighting

    Despite Trundle getting a slight nerf he’s still excellent for countering the many melee picks in the current meta.

    You’ll be able to set up great ganks from your pillar and allow for your Sett to have an easier time to feed your foes a couple of knuckle sandwiches.

    Xayah isn’t the best ADC in the game alone, but when slotted into team play and paired with Rakan she easily is on par with God Tier. The Lovers duo’s early power and priority are great.

    At mid lane, you’ll have an Azir to scale up and add even more obstacles for your opponents to deal with thanks to his Emperor’s Divide.

    After the first ten minutes of a match, if your team properly sets up your mid and top to succeed, refocus on your bot laners and be sure to pummel your opponents with 4 man ganks.

    Afterward, you should be in a great position to control the flow of the game through pssuring Dragon Soul, Rift Heralds, and Barons.

    How to Counter

    Trundle may be able to disrupt Nunu with his Pillar but it doesn’t stop the utility and objective control Nunu brings that outshines him.

    Ekko thrives to get in the face of Azir and can easily get out of his Sand Soldiers and get on top of Azir.

    Ashe + Morgana look to abuse the aggressive nature of the Xayah/Rakan matchup and by having multiple forms of hard CC, it’s easier to chain them together especially because Morgana R will remain tethered on Xayah if she ults.

    4. Wombo Combo Teamfighting (Delivery system variant)

    It’s always hard to not put some iteration of the ball delivery wombo combo when recommending comps for coordinated 5v5.

    It’s a tried and true ol’ reliable method that never ceases to stay relevant.

    Add the extra tankiness and peeling that you get from Maokai as well as the sheer utility that Lulu brings to the table.

    She can not only protect her carries but can also use her ult to layer on top of the wombo to keep the J4 alive.

    The Varus brings a little extra added bonus thanks to his ultimate but please be sure to build him on hit and not the lethality build that has been more popular recently.

    Otherwise, you’re going to lack consistent damage in teamfights.

    You need to play mid + bot with this comp and remember you have a Maokai when he groups for team fights.

    If you can make it to Blade of the Ruined King and Rageblade on Varus, everything else will fall into place.

    How to Counter

    Graves offers good mobility and kiting against Jarvan and just outclasses him in many other aspects of the game at the moment.

    Talon will have mid priority all early game and be able to roam and influence other lanes while also having great kill pssure on Orianna as well.

    Lastly, the MF/Bard combo packs a big punch at the moment and can easily punish micro mistakes from Varus/Lulu.

    5. Wombo Combo Teamfighting (Scaling variant)

    If you aren’t feeling like playing the delivery system variant but still want to have a potent wombo comp, this may be up your alley.

    This comp is honestly ptty foolproof if you just don’t feed early.

    The insane scaling and damage output this comp pumps out is surely NSFW.

    It’s hard to put a timer on this comp when it really activates, but when most of your team (except your support) is all on 2 item power spikes generally you’re golden from here on out.

    Overall, you’ve got the knockup synergy with the Wukong and Yasuo, the AoE monstrosity that is Fiddlesticks that covers your AP damage, and MF + Leona which add some CC and wombobility (yes I just made that word up) to make this comp quite frightening.

    How to Counter

    Zac is able to disrupt Fiddle’s drain, as well as itemize for magic resist (such as Spirit Visage) to keep him alive and not get burst down as easily.

    The Jhin + Bard pack in a lot of bursts and some utility of their own that’ll hold the line vs the MF/Leona.

    6. Dive Comp

    Your win condition for this comp is definitely reliant on your team’s coordination to pull the trigger on engaging fights. And not just every fight you see, but the right ones.

    It’s also important to play around item spikes and play the neutral objectives game to sway the tempo of the game in your favor.

    Just be sure to close out around 30 minutes otherwise you may be outscaled by certain teams.

    With this comp, you’ll be wanting to play very riskily by ping your opponents. This should be made easy thanks to the long-range engagement from Ornn and survivability from Taric’s ultimate.

    Your 2 AD carries are primed and ready as well with great damage to round the comp out.

    How to Counter

    Trundle is able to steal valuable AD from Graves and be able to stick onto him and run him down.

    Any armor Graves has will just be stolen by the Troll King and just make graves a caster minion.

    Galio fits in perfectly with the anti-pe comp as well as the anti-melee/anti-magic damage that makes him a natural enemy to Diana.

    Finally, Vayne + Janna just get a free non-interactive lane phase to allow for harder scaling in the mid-late game.

    Feature Recommendation: Team Comparison

    We strongly recommend using the Team Comparison feature within the Live Companion on our platform for your Clash matches.

    The Live Companion gives you a ton of analysis before your match with player scouting, imported builds and more.

    The Team Comparison allows you to see how you stack up against the enemy team with helpful average stats and power spikes.

    To learn more about all the other tools the feature has, check out our Mobalytics Live Companion guide.

    Older Comps (added Patch 10.4)

    The game has changed quite a bit since we last added these comps but we decided to include them in case your Clash team found success with them or in case the meta eventually returns for these comps to be good again.

    If they worked well with you in the past, be sure to be aware of what’s changed in terms of buffs/nerfs and discuss with your team how you’ll be adapting to those changes if necessary.

    1. “Game Over” – Pick + Teamfight

    For this first team composition and my personal favorite, we have a well-rounded pick & teamfight comp that is consistently strong in the early, mid, and late game.

    Going into draft be sure to get your hands on Ornn immediately if left open, then follow that up with Cassiopeia. Ornn provides massive stats thanks to his upgradeable items and Cassio will help secure and lockdown kills thanks to the many synergies the team provides such as Rek’Sai Unburrow or Leona CC.

    Rek’Sai will allow the team to get rolling early thanks to her favorable early game in the current meta. Caitlyn and Leona will have lockdown synergy thanks to Leona’s lockdown and Caitlyn’s traps.

    Also, due to the nature of the bot lane, Caitlyn will be able to maintain lane dominance and help provide priority for the Dragon Soul win condition.

    Your win conditions are simple. Let your jungler set up plays and accumulate a small lead and make it unscathed until 10 minutes. After that, group up and fight over neutral objectives until you blast their Nexus into oblivion.

    How to Counter

    Tristana can use Rocket Jump resets and her early snowball potential to throw a wrench in bot lanes scaling. And lastly, Morgana, is the bane of every engage player’s existence. Her Black Shield will stuff any playmaking potential as well as snaring you until your hair turns gray or you’re done pulling all of it out.

    2. “The Wombo” – AoE

    Rolling into team comp #2, we have a hard engage style team that excels when grouped and feels oh-so-good when you wombo-combo in sync.

    Be sure to utilize your team’s strength of forcing engages and layering ultimates. The best part about this comp is that you have multiple engage tools from Kennen, Nautilus, and Jarvan IV with deadly followup from Orianna & Miss Fortune.

    Try to focus more on Rift Herald over Dragons early as you want to transition Shelly for tower platings to reach your item spikes quicker. With this team, as long as you do not run it down p-10 minutes, you will shine in the mid-to-late game portion of the match.

    Pick this comp if you are a team who prides themselves on their synergy and chains ultimates so well the enemy team has no other choice but to give you props.

    How to Counter

    Senna & Morgana scale well and stifle ganks thanks to Black Shield and the Sustain from Senna Q. Senna’s ultimate can also provide shields to dilute your AoE damage in teamfights.

    3. “We’re better than you” – Strong Early/Mid Game + Dive

    Moving forward to comp #3, we have an aggressive early-to-mid game team that you will absolutely love to use against teams you’re certain you’ll have them FF’ing in 15 minutes.

    Your win-condition is to outplay your opponents early during laning phase and to close out the game p 30 minutes. Use the aggressive nature of the comp to snowball and pe with Elise since she has synergies to gank and pe in every lane.

    You will need to prioritize Rift Heralds for income and to bait teams to defend their structures before you all in them under the tower.

    This is a high-risk high-reward playstyle that requires a good amount of synergy between teammates, so be sure to practice this one a couple of times in your scrims before gameday.

    How to Counter

    Lissandra stalls and locks down your comp fairly easily while Ashe and Morgana slow, snare, stun your champions, as well as your mentals as they deny your strong, aggressive early game.

    4. “The Icebreaker” – Scaling + Teamfighting

    What allows for this comp to synergize so well is the insane crowd control you get just from Sejuani and Braum which is supplemented by the Sett and Sylas picks to help proc the on-hit effects.

    This comp strives to get to the mid and late game so try to play safe early and wait for your team’s item spikes. If all else fails, you have Jinx as a hyper carry to rely on in the late game with plenty of peel to boot.

    How to Counter

    Mordekaiser will be able to death realm anybody on your team and stand on you with Conqueror and his passive as he emotes over your grave.

    Miss Fortune and Taric can sustain and poke in the lane as well as peel and have amazing stalling potential in the later stages of the game thanks to Miss Fortune R and Taric’s invulnerability from Cosmic Radiance.

    5. “Secretly OP” – Skirmish

    We will take skill expssion to a whole new level and help make your hook champions lives easier in the form of Trundle’s Pillar since it will slow and make hooks easier to land. Be ppared to laugh uncontrollably as Pyke will single-handedly purchase your team Rolex’s & Loui Vitton thanks to his insane gold share from “Your Cut” on his ultimate.

    This comp may seem a little wonky at first, but believe me, people have forgotten the sheer power and gold Pyke mid provides. Pyke synergizes really well with Hail of Blades which conveniently got buffed recently. The Pyke pick will roam and help kickstart the Vayne train to snowball for late-game.

    Picks are essential to this comp so be sure to use Trundle Pillar to narrow their chances of dodging skill shots and if all else fails your team is equipped with above-average peeling tools for your Vayne to get you across the finish line.

    How to Counter

    Nunu & Willump will be able to secure neutrals far better than Trundle can while Diana will be able to keep Pyke honest in lane phase with decent kill pssure.

    Kog’Maw and Morgana will be able to scale exceptionally due to the fact Vayne is looking for a passive lane to farm as well – and in my opinion, I’d be more worried about a Kog’Maw free hitting with Blackshield than a Vayne who’ll likely be spotted and executed on sight

    6. “Poke Me on Facebook’ – Poke + Siege

    Alrighty y’all are you still with me? With comp #6 we will shift from the primarily teamfight comps that we have covered so far to a more poke based composition, that at the end of the day, will still accomplish what a purebred teamfight comp could achieve if not better.

    If you’re looking to annoy and watch as your enemies mentals deteriorates the more you land skillshots, this composition is right up your alley.

    How to Counter

    Heimerdinger would prove challenging thanks to his turrets being able to block Zoe and Ezreal poke. And finally, Twitch and Taric would be able to stealth stun you in lane phase and outscale you harder in the mid-game.

    7. “The Submarine” – Globals + Dive

    For the last and final comp, we have a comp that’ll have your enemies barking in all chat for how much you were willing to commit to picking off a player. To me, this is the true one and only submarine comp.

    I suggest playing this comp if you’re confident in your split pushing and 1-3-1 abilities as a team. Not only that, but you would also have some very decent team fighting as well.

    Look for opportunities to pe with Nocturne + Shen R as your Twisted Fate would be able to ultimate and teleport without being noticed to follow up.

    You’ll have another great initiation tool from the Jhin & Leona combo to make picks all the more easier for your Nocturne and Twisted Fate.

    Be sure to play safe and farm until level 6, and make plays around your TF or Nocturne and prioritize Rift Heralds early so that you can get to your item spikes much quicker.

    How to Counter

    Trundle counters Nocturne by Pillaring him away and separating him from his fear target while Ziggs will never allow TF to roam thanks to the amazing wave clear Ziggs provides.

    Xayah and Taric will prove difficult thanks to the kiting, sustain, disengage, and invulnerability, and can deny any chance of your team to burst or lockdown any of their fellow teammates.



    Ryan Flaress Doyle

    I’ve been playing League of Legends Since Season 3. My peak rank was Challenger 407LP. Currently, a paid collegiate League coach at Concordia University Texas and I’ve been coaching and competing in a competitive environment for nearly 4 years.

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